A perfect Saturday Afternoon in Maine

Maine Wine Trail

I never stop being amazed at how wonderful it is to live in New England. I am double blessed because we have a small house on a lake in Massachusetts and an even smaller cottage in Maine. I love having small houses, less cleaning and more time for fun.

Last week end we were in Maine with my daughter and her husband. My daughter found a wonderful way for us to spend Saturday afternoon. I have known there are wineries in Maine and I have even visited a couple but they get better every year. When wineries first came to Maine they produced all their wine from imported juice. Of course there is blue berry wine that is local and frankly it is getting to be able to hold its own in the world of wine. Now that some of the vinyards have been here for a while they are starting to produce some excellent grapes. Now there is another reason to love New England.
To learn more about the wine trail visit
I was surprised that my favorite wine was a wonderful peach wine from Savage Oaks winery
If you are looking for a nice way to enjoy the beautiful Maine scenery and make some interesting wine purchases this is for you. If you are doing this on a Saturday start your day at the Camden farmers market and pick up some snacks.

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