Found Money

Found Money

Recently, I did some closet cleaning. I am one of those people who purge my closet periodically. Usually I end up kicking myself over something I threw out but I really like a clean, nicely arranged closet. I actually have a pretty wonderful closet, besides being a place to keep clothes; I have a wall of peg boards to hang scarves, jewelry, and purses. It took me a long time to get the perfect closet but I am almost there.

When my grand daughter was little, she and her friend Mamie used my closet for a club house. I still have there little secret treasures right where they left them several years ago. I smile when ever I bump into their special little secrets.

I digress from the real point of this blog. While sorting, I went through pockets. You know how that is, among trash you find cash. Usually I only find one dollar bills but sometimes I strike gold or at least bigger green. Once I found my treasure, I really wanted to know, right then and there, how much money I found. I took out my trusty IBill, from Orbit Research,

The grand total was: $23. Now how should I spend it?

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