How Hot Can It Get?

Neal and I are in Louisville Kentucky for the American Council for the Blind annual convention. It is going up to 107 degrees today. This is not dry heat. I think this could set an all-time Gayle record for surviving in hot weather. Thanks to whoever invented air conditioning and may the power gods be with us and keep the power on.

We are staying in the Brown Hotel, not the conference hotel. Neal got some kind of deal on one of those travel web sites. It is a lovely old hotel but a long way from the conference especially in this heat. Enough wining, it could be a lot worse, we could be home in our unairconditioned house and be having heat like this. Is this what we get for having such a mild winter? Would I trade some of this heat for winter ice? That is a tough question.

Last night we ate dinner with a couple of people from Human Ware at Jack Fry’s. If I had not been in Paris last week I could easily say that it was the best meal I have had in a very long time, but…

There seem to be a lot of good restaurants here in Louisville. We were told it is partly because the UPS hub is here and it is so easy to get really fresh food from anywhere.

I will be representing Perkins at the ACB show and demoing the new Smart Brailler. This is a brailler that speaks what you braille and even has braille lessons and games built into the unit. I will also be showing the Perkins Products (Seika) braille displays.

Next week I go into real consulting mode.

Here is a hotel trabel hint for all you visually impaired travelers. If you enjoy trying all those cute little shampoos and lotions provided by your hotel, and you are not traveling with someone sighted, ask the bell person to show you which bottles are which and put the shampoo right into the shower. I also put the lotion next to the bed and that leaves only conditioner and maybe mouth wash on the vanity.

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