Surprises up to the last minute

Friday night we found a sidewalk cafe and I got a vegetable fix with a nice big Greek salad and red wine from a piture. Then it was off to another jazz club. This one was pretty far away and although we tried to get a cab home, we seem to be bad at catching cabs, we walked back to our apartment.

Saturday morning it was back to the street market for more scarves. We lost Pop Pop again but met a cool guy from Florida who worked for a Texas pastry chef in Paris. This kid was selling kettle corn. We sat down on a curb and waited for Pop Pop to find us.

Next it was back to the D’Orsay. This time we actually visited the Impressionist exhibit and again lost Pop Pop. We sat down on a bench in an open area and waved my cane in the air until he found us. Then wee had a lovely lunch and headed home.

When we came up out of the Metro, we walked right into a gay pride parade. Anna and I joined the parade and it took us right to our door.

Our trip was coming to an end and we were all feeling grumpy about it. We packed most of our stuff and took a nap.

Then it was across the street for another amazing meal. We saved this place for our last night.

Paris was holding one last adventure for us. Usually Pop Pop took the stairs the 5 flights to our apartment and Anna and I took the really tiny elevator. I am talking about tiny, about 18 inches by 4 feet. Pop Pop decided to take one last ride with us and I think we were all too heavy, too much good food. Well, the elevator started and then stopped. We seemed to be good and stuck. Being stuck in a small place is my big fear. Being stuck in a small place when it is really hot and I really have to pee is really not fun. We pressed the emergency button and someone answered right away. They kept asking if we spoke French. We kept saying no and the elevator was stuck. Then our brilliant hero Pop Pop started saying SOS, SOS, and low and behold the elevator started up and we were safe in our apartment.

Sunday morning was just plane sad. We ate our usual French breakfast in our usual spot but without our usual server. I guess he gets one day off a week. Then it was off to the airport and our flight home. The flight was long and sad.

Everyone should be so lucky as Pop Pop and I to have a wonderful 16 year old grand daughter to take to Paris.

Friday I leave for the ACB show but Wednesday, the 4th of July, Neal and I are both home and having friends over to share the day and the lake with us. I can’t remember the last time we were both home for the 4th.

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