Taking The Wrong Train

Last night we ate crapes and mine was goat cheese and honey. Can’t wait to try making this when I get home. Then we walked what seemed like forever to a very cute and very warm jazz club. We stayed for a little while but the heat and knowing how far we had to walk home drove us away sooner than Pop Pop would have liked. We did not make it home before midnight.

This morning we were out by nine and having breakfast at our usual spot. I am consuming more than my share of French carbs. Then we were headed for Versailles. We followed our train plans very carefully. We switched trains right where we were supposed to. Then about an hour later, we realized we must have done something wrong. Four confused English speakers from South Africa joined us in our land of confusion. We could find no one who spoke English. Eventually with lots of discussion and many maps we figured it out and had to head all the way back to Paris and start over again.

Once we were back at Versailles, we did our new get in free thing and got our audio guides, free with the price of admission and we were off. Although these were the same hardware guides as Notre Dame, just because of the way they were set up, they were totally accessible.

Unfortunately we had another little Pop Pop scare. He suddenly announced his pocket had been picked and his phone was missing. We went directly to security and when we got there, Anna suggested he look in the bag of jackets he was carrying. He did and there was the phone. Poor Pop Pop’s heart is not going to make it through too many more scares.

We were too late to see the gardens and small palace. They were shutting down for some big fire works taking place past our bed time.

We took the train back to the city and stormed a bakery.

Now it is almost 9:00 pm and time for the second part of our day. We might be headed back for the jazz club.

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