The big day has come

Myself, my husband and my grand daughter at the air port before we fly to Paris

The big day has come. I have to admit a few tears were shed. I think I am feeling a final sadness over the ending of Adaptive Technology Consulting, my old company.

Tomorrow the house sitter will arrive, we will say good by to our dog and start our next adventure.

At 5:30 pm I will get on a plane with my wonderful husband and very special grand daughter and head into the sunrise. We will be sharing a week in Paris that is sure to be full of adventures to numerous to count.

Thanks for reading this blog post. I am planning on blogging much more often than I did with my UNPLUGGED blog. Also, you can actually comment here so this is really a blog.

The blog will be a mix of product reviews, helpful hints, and pieces about my current life mixed with stories from my past.

Please join me on my journey through life and share your comments as we move forward.

I hope to be posting from Paris in the next few days.

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