You can’t keep Pop Pop down

Yesterday was our day for the Louvre. We played the blind card and completely skipped the line. We visited all the key pieces of art including my favorite the Mona Lisa. I just finished reading The Vanishing Smile, a book about Mona going missing in 1911. It was a great book and taught me a lot about every aspect of the picture. As usual reading greatly added to my experience. I may have seen the picture clearer than either Anna or Pop Pop. In the evening we visited Luxembourg Garden and sat in the sun and relaxed for a while. Next it was off to get tickets for an evening boat ride on the Seine. We had a nice Thai dinner and then the evening boat ride. We stopped for ice cream on our way home and ended another glorious day.

Thursday morning seemed to promise rain. Although we always go to bed thinking we will get an early start, it never quite happens. We were at our usual breakfast spot by 9:00, not too bad for us. Then we were off to the d’Orsay for our dose of impressionism. We are getting pretty good at using the Metro. Neal and Anna seem to enjoy arguing about which way to go on which train. I just stay out of those discussions. You never want to ask me for directions. On the way to the museum, Neal took a dive over one of those cement things they have here to keep people from parking on the sidewalk. He was totally down but not for long. We all had a good scare but all is well that ends well.

We did not have much time to spend at the museum so we also played the skip the line card and get in free and headed right to the impressionism exhibit. Oops, they were closed for the next hour. It seemed that people even more important than us were getting the exhibit all to themselves. We will go back on Saturday.

Now it was time for our special lunch at the Jules Berne room at the Eiffel Tower. We took the Metro and got there just in time. We didn’t even need the blind card. The reservation slip took us to the head of the line and we were off in the special elevator.

We were served by at least five people headed up by Alice who introduced herself to me by saying Hello,, my name is Alice, I am bout six feet tall and slightly curvy. She seemed to really enjoy describing my food to me. Speaking of food, that meal will make it into my top ten favorite meals ever.

Then it was back to the Metro and back to Marrais district and one more Vintage shop.

Now we are back to our apartment with our shoes off and looking forward to a nap.

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