I have really been ignoring this part of my web site but I am going to post a few things in the next few days.
I am going to start with my wonderful Fitbit.
I received my fitbit for Christmas. I had a chance to look at it before we made the purchase and I knew that the I Phone App that comes with the device was completely accessible using Voice Over. I think a sighted person may be needed when the product is registered because a serial number that is required is only in print.
I have the Fitbit 1. I admit I lost it once. The unit comes with a holder that can clip on clothing but it did not hold on the waste band of my slacks. I now clip it to my bra or keep it in a pocket. Fitbit also comes with a wrist band holder to use during the night. I have not tried the sleep tracking feature but I don’t want to lose any precious steps I might take during the night.
My unit tracks steps taken, flights of stairs and calories burned. It will also tell me how many miles I walk in a day. There is a way to friend people and compete with one another. No one wants to play in my sand box I have gotten truly obsessed with this thing.
Especially in the winter it is hard for a lot of us to get out and really take good long walks. I use a tread mill and I have found a couple of good 20 step walks I can pace in my house. 5 of those walks make 100 steps and so on and so forth.
I have seen my unit priced from $69 to $99. There are Apps for other phone platforms but the I Phone is the only one I have used.
The extra good news is that I can listen to a book the entire time I walk without a moment of reading guilt.
Once you register your device the nice people at Fitbit will send you weekly progress reports and special little prizes.
Yes I am really a Fitbit junky.

Victor Stream Next Generation

Victor Stream Next Generation

Yesterday I unpacked my new Victor Stream. I am a huge Victor Stream fan and I am thrilled to have the new version. Although the unit is not a lot smaller, it seems more comfortable to hold in your hand. The buttons seem a bit easier to press. The two things I really love are: the clock and the increased volume without headphones.

A couple of days ago my braille watch broke leaving me with no quiet way to check the time during the night. Now I can do that with Victor. Since Victor is never far away, it is easy to put in my headphones and silently check the time.

I love the increased volume. There are times I don’t want to use headphones and if I put Victor in my pocket I found Victor senior hard to hear.

Also, the smaller size means Victor fits in more pockets.

If you want to know more about this product you can email me. If you are thinking of making a Victor purchase, please consider New England Low Vision at I am consulting for them and I will be able to answer all your victor questions.

Book Share Does It Again

Book Share Does It Again

Recently I discovered the audio version of books on Book Share. These books are text files that have been recorded in extremely high quality speech. If you are reading your Book Share books on a victor Stream or similar device you will be glad to have access to these really well done audio books.

I guess I should take a step back in case some of you don’t know about Book Share. You should really visit to get the full scoop. If you are unable to read print books because of a disability you can join Book share. Students can usually join at no cost but I have no trouble justifying paying $50 per year for my membership. I think the first year is $75 but well worth the price. You will be amazed at how many books they have for people of all ages with any interest. I like checking out what books they have from the New York Times best seller list that is published every month. This is also a good source for all the books you want from the new author you just discovered. While my husband is paying for his books I just go on line and download my books.

There is also an Iphone AP that you can purchase that lets you read books off your phone. When you download on your phone you don’t even need to unzip the book.

Often I discover an author on NLS and then go hunting for everything that person ever wrote. This was especially useful when I was stuck in my thirties period.

The New IBill

A New Ibill

Just when I thought it could not get any better, a new Ibill arrives on the scene.

This New product will be much easier for older people to use. The bill slides into a newly designed opening without having to struggle to keep the bill flat.
The volume is twice as loud at the highest setting so it is easier to hear in noisier places.

The buttons are recessed so they won’t get bumped in your purse or pocket.

And, if this is not enough good news, there is a lovely leather case for the Ibill. This case will work with the new unit and the old unit.

For more information, visit

NFB News Line

NFB News line

The NFB News Line is a free service available to people who are registered with their talking book library in states that support the News Line program. This is a free service that provides access to over 300 publications including TV listings. Although using this service through a land line is pretty impressive, The IPhone ap takes it to an entirely new level.
The News Line is provided through the NFB along with your talking book library. All states are not taking part in this program so start by contacting your local talking book library and asking if your state receives News Line. If it is available, you can sign up at no cost and get your user number and pass code. Once you enter this on your phone you will never have to do it again.

The amazing thing about using the IPhone ap is that you will have News Line where ever you are.
I really like the TV listings because the information about a program includes telling me if the show is audio described.

You can download the News Line program from the Apple Ap Store.

To learn more about News Line, call: 1-866-504-7300