Keep Reading June 2020

Keep Reading June 2020

At this point, reading is keeping me from going out of my mind. TV is getting old and the news only repeats itself over and over and over again. Thanks to all the authors, past and present, that keeps me going.

My first book PIECE LIKE A RIVER by Leif Enger is an older book written by the same author who wrote Virgil Wander. Rubin, his younger sister and his father are on a cross country quest to find their outlaw brother. Rubin believes in miracles and that his father can perform them. You might believe it as well after reading this book. Travel with this loving family while they stay with old family friends and new acquaintances as they make their journey. This book will gently sweep you away into another time and place. Life was hard but you could always count on a hug.

CITY OF Girls will sweep you off to by-gone days in New York City. Elizabeth Gilbert does it again. An elderly woman tells the daughter of a previous man in the woman’s life of how she interacted with the girls father. As the older woman tells her story, you are not sure witch of the many men in her life is the father of the young woman she is writing to. Spend some time in the world of the New York Theater that is not quite Broadway. A wild life is almost but not quite the norm for the people in this story.

DEACON KING KONG by James McBride takes place in NYC in 1969 and goes back in time for all the back stories. The main character shoots the local drug dealer in the face and we spend the rest of the book finding out why. The character development is stunning and the interaction between characters will win your heart. Even most of the bad guys have real redeeming qualities.

Here are three books to take you away from what is going on in our world. If you are lucky enough to be at the beach or just sitting on your porch or your favorite chair, let reading fill your mind with different kinds of adventure.

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