Restaurant From Another Planet?

A restaurant From another Planet?

Today I was working in concord New Hampshire along with my colleague. We looked for a restaurant that would be different and healthy. While driving down the street we saw Spoon Revolution advertising that the food was entirely vegan. This looked interesting so we stopped. The restaurant had about 12 tables but only one was full. It was however a table for four. There were no menus. A man came over and politely welcomed us and asked if we had eaten there before. We said we had not. He then asked if we understood that this was a vegan restaurant and if that was alright. What did we look like anyway? Did we scream someone who needs to eat meat?

So then once we all understood the food was vegan he proceeded to tell us what the special was. It turned out to be cold watermelon gazpacho, corn cakes with salad, and our choice of two desserts. It all sounded pretty yummy to me and it was not expensive.

Honestly, this was some of the best food I have had in a long time. It was fresh, flavorful, and very nicely served.

After the meal my friend asked for a check. The guy came out with his eye phone and took the credit card and Rich signed the phone with his finger. What will they think of next?

Well, the best is yet to come. Rich asked for the receipt and he was asked if he would like it texted or emailed.

I asked about the no menu thing and was told they have 5 seasonal menus and 20 items on each menu and those twenty items are divided through the week.

I will go back again. This was such a surprising experience and the food really was good. Visit to learn more and seek them out the next time you are in concord and you want to eat healthy.
By the way, 5 more tables filled while we were there.

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