I Remember

I Remember
11 years ago today was a day that all Americans and most others will remember exactly where they were on that beautiful sunny fall morning. Our lives changed on that day. We all had to take a new look at our lives and what we thought was important.

I was at work and Neal, my husband was at Logan airport boarding an American airlines flight to Texas. He was due to take off at about 9:00 am. I could not reach him. His cell phone was turned off. Two plains had crashed into the World Trade Center both taking off from Boston. A third plane had crashed into the Pentagon. There was still one more missing plane. I could still not reach Neal.

At work we had found a monitor for a CCTV that was an actual TV and we were glued. We watched the buildings fall down. I could still not reach Neal.

My daughter was calling. I could still not reach Neal.

At about 11:00 he called on his way home from the airport. I could breathe again. A lot of people were still waiting to hear from someone and they would not be as lucky as I was.

A couple days later we all lit candles and everyone pulled together to help and remember.

Now 11 years later, are we all remembering? Are we all still pulling together?

It seems to me that all the election news is about how well or not well we are doing. We are all still here; we are all still able to pull together if we want to. The war we fought because of 911 is over. Most of the evil people involved are gone. Let’s try to be grateful for all those who gave their lives to get us where we are and where we could be.

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