Wildest Imagination

Wildest Imagination

I am sitting here in my sun drenched living room. The sun is pouring in from the skylights and all the glass doors. It is reflecting off the lake. We have moved into that time of year when the light seems to change and get more intense while losing heat.

I have been reading Nana by Emile Zola. This classic was written in 1877. Zola liked to write about Paris life with all its color. I am reading the book Using Book Share on my IPhone. Now, what is striking me, other than the wonderful writing is: Did Zola ever imagine this scene? I am sure he might have imagined that someone might read his book almost 150 years after he wrote it but did he ever imagine that a blind woman would be listening to his book on something like an Iphone. This was before telephones and when even a print book was hard to afford. Now, here I am, a blind woman who is able to use the magic of the IPhone and the gift of Book Share to read Zola’s amazing novels.

Once more, I have to say, life is good. I can’t even begin to imagine what the next 100 years might bring.

Thanks to Apple, Book Share and wonderful writers like Emile Zola.

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