Acadia National Park

A week ago we were spending a week in our cottage in Maine. We decided to try to visit some places we had not been. On Wednesday two of our friends, our dog, and Neal and I headed up to Acadia National park. We had all been there before but Neal and I had not been there for many years. Our dog Martin had never been there. Martin, loves the car. Our friend Larry, who was driving, has a car with what we call a way back. We put Martin’s bed in the back and he thought he was the king of Maine.

Acadia is about 2 and a half hours from our cottage. The day was glorious although we felt like we were running from the rain. We stopped for a snack within a half hour and it looked like maybe we were going to eat our way to Acadia. We had coffee and pastries at a place called Dot’s and it was great. Then we were in the car and committed to making it all the way to Acadia.

Larry brought a two CD recorded tour of the park. I am including the information on the CD set but I am not sure if it is still available. It he audio tour added a lot to our trip although we were not very good at following directions.

Title: Acadia National Park Audio Tour
all rights reserved Sightseeing Tapes, Inc. 1970, 2000
Acadia may be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is certainly another reason why we spend time in Maine. The park has been kept up and has great history. The views and scents are amazing. I will leave you to go on line to learn more about what the park has to offer.

There is a road right up to the top of Cadillac Mountain and Thunder Hole is one of my favorite places.

At one point we were all enjoying the view and a woman walked up behind me and asked me if I would like her to describe the view. She said she was an artist. I was there with people I love but some how they were so stunned by the view they were not saying much. I can kind of get into the silence so I was not really thinking about missing any description. It was great to have the view described by a perfect stranger. Try this some time the next time you run into a blind person at a museum or garden or some other lovely place.

We made it home that night in time for the debate. I think we were all still a little stunned by the beauty of the day and only half way watched and listened to the debate.

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