Crows On The Ice

Crows On The Ice

I am sure I have mentioned that we live on a small lake. The shore is about 20 yards from my back deck. There are so many wonderful things about living on the water that I could write forever.

This morning, Neal told me that there are crows, gingerly walking on the ice. Although there is a lot of open water right now, ice is still hanging around the shore. I would not walk on it but I guess crows feel like they can thake the chance.

Can crows swim?
Are they looking for fish?

Later in the week the lake should close up again. Ice noise can be pretty amazing. Sometimes it sounds like an oil drum is rolling along the shore and sometimes it sounds like dinosaurs having a conversation.

There has also been a yellow plastic chair blowing around on the ice for days. Did some ice fisherman leave it there or did it blow from someone’s yard?

While I am on the subject of ice on the lake: have I mentioned our spectacular sunsets? Sunsets are something I can still see. I am sure I fill in the colors with my over active imagination but nevertheless, they are the prettiest sunsets I have seen anywhere. Add in the reflection off the ice and you have the material of a Van Gogh painting at his wildest times.

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