Victor Stream Next Generation

Victor Stream Next Generation

Yesterday I unpacked my new Victor Stream. I am a huge Victor Stream fan and I am thrilled to have the new version. Although the unit is not a lot smaller, it seems more comfortable to hold in your hand. The buttons seem a bit easier to press. The two things I really love are: the clock and the increased volume without headphones.

A couple of days ago my braille watch broke leaving me with no quiet way to check the time during the night. Now I can do that with Victor. Since Victor is never far away, it is easy to put in my headphones and silently check the time.

I love the increased volume. There are times I don’t want to use headphones and if I put Victor in my pocket I found Victor senior hard to hear.

Also, the smaller size means Victor fits in more pockets.

If you want to know more about this product you can email me. If you are thinking of making a Victor purchase, please consider New England Low Vision at I am consulting for them and I will be able to answer all your victor questions.

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