Something Silly

Something Silly

It is Friday and it has been a long tough week. We fought our way through a snow storm to the State House to speak on behalf of the Talking Book Library and I had several library presentations. Although the neighbor really helped me there seemed to be endless shoveling. Neal has been in Vegas for his annual March Madness trip and I am really tired.

We had two presentations today. By the second one we were pretty fried. We arrived an hour early and sat in the car looking for something to do. We had been in the car too much and were both trying to be polite and not snap at one another. Come on guys, you have all been there.

Well, did you know you can completely operate your I Phone with your nose?

This is what happens when you get old and you can wear purple, you stop caring if someone sees you doing something silly in your car.

Does anyone advertise anywhere that the I Phone is nose accessible? Did I invent this? Try it some time. Now we just need a stand that will hold your phone at the right height. I may get rich on this one.

Remember, if you have technology questions, I am the one to ask.

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