Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Memorial Day week end is our planting week end. The real goal is to get the containers done but we also do some fill in perennial planting. This event turns out to be our unofficial start of summer. Well, it was not looking good for this year.
The weather person or weather ap, in my case was giving us bad news. I was stressed out over this because there are certain traditions that must continue or…
Saturday arrived cold and rainy. We put on warm clothes and went to the New Hampshire Hosta Nursery to buy needed plants. We like Hostas because they grow in our shady neglected yard quite nicely. This did not turn out to be a particularly pleasant experience but we did it and celebrated with delivered pizza in our nice warm living room.
Sunday started to look a little better. The sun came out and that at least allowed us to pretend it was warm. We went to Newton Nursery to buy the container plants.
We also picked up potting soil and compost. Those containers were going to get a good start this year.
Monday ended up a pretty nice day. It was still a little chilly and windy but it looked down right tropical after the first two days of the week end. Neal planted 9 cute little baby Hostas and I planted 15 containers of flowers and herbs to brighten up our decks. We could not plant Inpatients this year. There is some kind of fungus going around that will kill them. My sister calls them cheating plants but I like cheating and needed to find something to fill the gap. We went with something called Sun-patients and we will see how they do.
Now we start the endless watering. I love every minute of it.

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