Go Figure

Go Figure
I am not sure who I am writing this for, maybe just myself. I was doing a few loads of laundry today and I started thinking. Take a look at these numbers if you ever wonder what you did with your life. You might find that you did not do all these things but you might have mowed lawns or driven kids to school or heaven only knows what. It will either scare you or amaze you when you take a look at what you have done.
Just to fill in the blanks here: I am 66 years old and I have 3 grown children. I left my parents home to get married when I was 18. I have worked full time out of the home from when I was 30 until a year ago. So here goes some of what you can fit into essentially 48 adult years including the working out of the house time:
15,000 loads of laundry
25,000 meals prepared
Changed 4,000 beds
3,000 hours of ironing
Changed 45 hundred diapers
This does not even begin to cover house cleaning or gardening.
This kind of makes me feel like retirement is the easy life even if I am still working part time.
I want to add, that like most of us. I really, mostly never minded the cooking or laundry or all the other stuff because most of it I did with love.
I can’t begin to figure out how many hours I spen reading.

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