Montana, Saturday and Sunday

Montana Saturday and Sunday
It is actually early Monday morning but this is the first chance I have had to write. I am hoping to be able to post, internet is pretty sketchy.
Our flights were fine on Saturday. No surprises and for a travel day that is a good thing. We arrived in Montana at about 5:30 pm Montana time and picked up our, much too big rental car. It is a big SUV and Gabe has named the color poop with sparkles. Glad to see the 6 year old Gabe will also be joining us for this trip.
We found our Montana home with no trouble. We are near White Fish and Columbia Falls. Our resort is huge and lucky for us one of the best rated restaurants is right here on our property. We have a second floor unit with two bedrooms and two baths and a lovely deck. I am sitting out here now writing while the day is waking up.
Once we got checked in and stashed our stuff we started thinking about dinner. We found a place that really looked good but it was too full so we made reservations for another night. Now we were almost getting cranky and were feeling a little lost. We stumbled into what seemed like a pizza place and had a wonderful meal that suited all of us. We got home after 10:00 pm midnight our time. Can I count that as a night I made it to midnight?
Sunday morning I almost met my end. I had turned off my phone so when I woke up I turned on Victor to read and check the time. It said it was almost 7:00 am so I woke up Neal. Of course he realized right away what I had done and mumbled something and went back to sleep. I also slept and woke up again. Now it was 8:00 and I was really ready to get up. Of course, I had the time wrong again. I did finally change the time on Victor.
I made coffee and tea for Gabe and we spent a nice half hour on the deck. Then it was off to breakfast.
This time we went to Columbia Falls and a place called Base camp. Again the food was marvelous. Neal and I had Jevos rancheros. We always try this when it is on the menu. It is our job to eat them everywhere we go to find the very best.
We went to the big grocery store and all picked the snack food we wood like best while visiting Glacier National Park.
I am a bit concerned about how long this entry is going to be.
You had better get yourself some coffee.
We talked to someone in the lobby and got ideas of places to hit that day. Paving would start inon the Go to the Sun Highway on Monday so some places were better visited on Sunday. We climbed into poop with sparkles and we were off for the day.
We entered the park from the west entrance. We got in free with my senior pass. That was the last advantage to being old.
Gabe loves taking pictures so we kept stopping where he liked the view. I think he took over 250 pictures yesterday. It is great fun to watch him having so much fun with something like photography. Taking grandchildren on a trip like this is so much more a gift for us than for the grandchildren. We are really getting to know Gabe and he is a very bright and calm young man.
Our first real stop was the Cedar Trail. This is a planked trail that winds through ancient cedar trees. I can’t even begin to say how beautiful this was. Imagine the smell of hundreds of cedar trees that are probably 12 feet around. There was a hollowed out tree that was still alive. Gabe and I both took turns climbing in. This might end up being the best part of my trip other than the time I am spending with Gabe and Neal.
Our next stop was Logan Pass. This was a longer hike and up endless giant steps. I made it about half a mile and parked my little butt on a rock to wait for the great bear hunters to return. It got very cold when ever the wind blew and that was most of the time. I met a lot of people. I listened to lots of heavy breathing. I listened to lots of people wearing the wrong shoes. It was kind of fun. At one point I was getting sort of bored so, did you know you can file your finger nails on a rock.
I think I should break here and do a part two so this has a chance to upload.

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