Second Half Sunday August 11

Second Half Sunday August 11th
This is out of order but at least it finally got posted.
Sorry about breaking this up. I also forgot to fix some spelling mistakes in the first entry.
It was almost 5:30 when we headed away from Logan’s Pass. This was at the continental divide and about 12,000 feet up. We made the choice to go down the East side of the mountain and cover the entire Go to the Sun Highway. The east side was completely different, not nearly so many trees and a lot more sun. It stays light well passed 8:00 pm here so we still had a lot of daylight. The way down seemed to go a lot faster however; we would come out of the park almost 80 miles from home. We exited the park onto 89 in a very small town called St Mary. I am talking really small town. 89 started out to be a nice easy road. Gabe was navagating and doing a great job. I think Neal was doing a great job of not double checking things. Well, 89 started getting mighty twisty and we never saw another car or a building of any kind. At one point we did see several cows on both sides of the road, right at the road, with no fences. Then we saw a school bus, but there were no houses. We took this road to 49. Now we are talking tiny road with more twists. Suddenly the paving stopped and we were just a bit concerned. Shortly the paving started up again and we felt a little better. I think we were all laughing our selves silly. We finally made it to route 2 and we were headed home. We only had 75 miles to go. We made one last stop at Goat Lick but we only saw mountains. Neal and Gabe did see wild goats at Logan’s pass. We are still searching for bears.
Now it was time for the great dinner search and we were pretty tired and getting close to the cranky point. We decided to try Truby’s at our resort and held little hope of getting a table. It was 8:30. We were getting quite fashionable. Miracle of miracles, we must have looked pretty sad, they found us a table and the food was wonderful. We almost fell asleep in our plates.
Now here we are on Monday morning making plans for today. It was very quiet out here but they just started doing yard work and there is a train off in the distance. I guess it is time to get moving.

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