The Last Day in Montana

The Last Day in Montana
I guess all good things have to come to an end. This was an especially great week and the end is especially hard.
Friday morning we finally made it to the first breakfast place we wanted to try. The Buffalo grill was the first place with a line and actually the food was not as good as we thought it would be. We were a little later getting started because we decided to let Gabe sleep in a little.
Then we took Gabe to the lodge at White Fish Mountain for his zip lining experience. We decided to let him do this alone because we had zip lined once before and it is really expensive. We rented him a helmet camera so he could record the event. The zipping, is that a word? Took 2 and a half hours so we drove back down into town and wandered through some stores. I found a lovely wooden box to keep next to my favorite chair. Now all my little junk including charging cables has a new home.
We picked up Gabe and asked him what he wanted to do with his last afternoon. After a week of asking him what he wanted we actually got a straight answer. He wanted to go to a little town that we had read about called Big Fork. He still had gift shopping to do.
After getting lost do to some map confusion with a poorly written cartoon like map, we finally found the downtown of Big Fork and it was great. Although there were not many people there were many galleries and shops. Gabriel found the gifts he wanted and we took a much more direct route home.
We went back to our favorite restaurant, Tupelo for dinner and although the food was amazing, the place was much louder on a Friday night and we were all feeling sad.
Saturday morning, 3:15 am came much too early. We all staggered around and did last minute packing. We were in Sparkly Poo by 3:45 and off to the airport. It only took us 15 minutes to get there, not much traffic at that time of the day. The airport was very quiet although things came awake shortly after we got there and we were able to get coffee and not such great food.
Here is one observation about Montana. They seem to allow really broken cars on the road. We saw several cars and trucks with one head light. We also saw a lot of creative tape and rope creations holing things together.
Our flights home were fine and I think we all got a little sleep.
Sunday we took Gabriel to the airport and we are still feeling like something is seriously missing. We sure did enjoy our time with Gabriel.
If there are grandparents reading this blog, I strongly suggest taking any 16 year old grandchildren on a great trip. We have done this three times and now we just have to stay healthy enough to do it with the last one who is now 7 years old. Only take one child at a time. They will keep you laughing and keep you from getting lost. They are so much sharper than we old people. If you don’t have a grandchild, maybe you can borrow one.

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