Somewhere out to the west, thunder is working its way to the ocean. It is still far too soon to tell if it will slide over my house dumping rain and blowing its heart out over our lake.
I think of thunder as a large grey black blog of water filled material that shifts as it moves. I imagine it like some kind of blob from an old scary movie. My thunder makes rumbling sounds as it turns and twists its way above the sky.
I am at that point where I am thinking about turning off my computer but I still have some time to spend just listening to the rumbles get slightly louder as the thunder moves closer.
I love big storms. I like the power and the calmness of them as they relentlessly move along a course that only they know.
At some point I might have to close all the windows but I don’t do it until I am really sure we will get rain. The wind will freshen the air and cool down the house.
Now the dog wants to come in. I guess the noise is getting too close for him.
The scent of the air is changing. That O Zone smell is in the air and it looks like we could be in for an exciting afternoon.
A storm moved by last night complete with thunder and wind, lots of wind. I don’t think we got any rain. It did force us to get up and close windows. We got a little cool air that made it easier to sleep the rest of the night.

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