Can There Be Too Much Sports?

Can there be too much sports?
The answer is completely YES.

It has come to my attention that we are about to be in the season for almost every sport. I need to say that I am not a fan of watching sports, talking about sports, reading about sports or anything else that has anything what so ever to do with sports. Now here we are in the total sport season. How did these seasons get so long? Why is there always some kind of sport to have to plan around? Here is what I have just realized.
We are in the middle of Football season, the end of Baseball season, the start of Hockey season and Guess what folks. Before the World Series is over, Basketball season will begin. Now I just found out that it is Soccer play offs.
How did this happen? Why did this happen? To add to the fun, a lot of the really important games are late at night. This means my world is full of grumpy sports junkies.

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