Sorry, I failed on blogging from Mexico. I started to but it seemed weird not to post the entries and I just started slacking.
I need to say, however, that this was a wonderful trip. Essentially we did nothing but relax and eat. We had a glorious 7th floor room over looking the bay and we were lulled into complacency. Our biggest decisions were what pool to sit by and where to eat the next amazing meal.
They had a great chair reserving system. You brought your towel card to the towel god and they traded it for a towel. Then you took your towel and put it on a chair either by a pool or on the beach. That chair was then your chair for the day.
We never saw a drop of rain.
We never left the resort.
I read three books, and probably gained as many pounds.
We did a lot of walking, mostly getting lost. They had shuttles you could take anywhere but we decided to try to always walk and we were pretty true to our word.
We were just outside of Puerto Vallarta. On the west coast of Mexico. We will certainly go back again.
I also want to say how great it was to travel with our daughter and her husband. It is not easy to find two other people who making eating the best travel attraction.

A few days after we returned it was time for Thanksgiving. My son and his girl friend had the dinner at their house and there were 10 of us. It may have been the best Thanksgiving meal ever. I am so blessed that my children are all such good cooks.
The evening before we went to Mexico we plunked down the down payment on our new kitchen cabinet. This is going to be quite a project. WE are redoing the kitchen and most of both bathrooms. I will continue to blog about this adventure.
As usual, with this kind of a project, I am in charge of making all the pieces and tasks fall in place. We have hired a contractor but I have never worked with one before so I am not quite sure how it works. We have picked out most of the big items and have seen more plumbing fixtures than I ever thought could exist. As usual, people are kind of surprised they are going to work with the blind person. Neal will love it when it is done and he has actually seemed to like most of the shopping and picking out. He just can’t remember our decisions. At least we are both having fun.

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