Spending Time With Neal’s Family

Spending time with Neal’s Family

I feel like my family just doubled in size.

We spent three days in Atlanta very recently and enjoyed every single second. We were there for the Bat Mitzvah of Neal’s youngest cousin’s daughter. I think I have only attended one other Bat Mitzvah in all of my 67 years, so I was a little in the dark, so to speak. We were staying with Spencer and Denise. Spencer is Neal’s oldest cousin. From the minute we walked into their lovely home we felt completely welcome. I had been having an e-mail conversation with Denise for fashion advice, so we had somewhat bonded. We have seen them several times before. They were extremely helpful when Neal’s mother died last May.
Atlanta was already starting to bloom and although they were complaining about the cold we thought it was glorious. I think Atlanta might do spring better than we do it in New England.
The Bat Mitzvah consisted of three events that all involved food, lots of food. The final big party on Saturday night was amazing. I counted and there are 3 more of these events coming up in this family. Hopefully we will be invited to all of them.
Unfortunately, we returned to winter including a little snow on Monday morning. Spring is coming. It gets closer every day. We are looking forward to some slightly warmer weather in the next few days. I will venture out into the yard over the week end and look for green growing things. I will report back on what I find or what I don’t find.

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