Thursday In Vienna

Thursday In Vienna
This was moving day for us. We had already checked out the location of our new home and we were still sad about leving our first home in Vienna. We packed and did a little cleaning before breakfast so we could eat at 8:00 when the englander opened. This was Neal’s favorite place because they had bacon. Then we bought a lovely plant for Stephanie which gave me an excuse to go in the glorious plant shop. We also went into the hat store that was always closed when we were around our neighborhood. Neal is always searching for the perfect hat.
We said our good byes and Stephanie helped us get a taxi. We were off to the second part of our stay in Vienna.
We are now staying in Pension Suzanne. We have a room overlooking a side street off of Walfischgase. It was a little noisy during the night but we both slept fine. The room is lovely with antiques and a nice big bed.
We checked in and got settled and we were off again. We used our new found public transportation skills to head for Belvedere Palace. Oh what a gift it is to know how to use public transportation. Once we got to our stop it was easy to walk up to the entrance. This is the first place where we got a special price for me being blind. We did not quite figure out how it worked but we got in for far less than half price.
We ate lunch in the café recommended by RS and we did not think it was quite as charming as he did.
We only bought the ticket for the upper exhibit because we were mostly interested in the Klimt paintings especially the Kiss.
The Belvedere is a bright airy space that makes you want to move in. I could imagine myself curling up in a cozy chair by a big window listening to fountains while I read a good book. The Klimpt paintings were lovely. I unlike most of his fans really like the landscape paintings. They are much more cheerful than a lot of the impressionists. Remember, this is coming from a blind person. We also kind of stumbled into a mid evil exhibit that was small but pretty special. By that time we had picked up the back pack so the guard offered to hold it for us. While we were in the mane exhibit area, we were followed constantly by a guard who stayed about 50 feet behind us. We had no idea what that was about. Maybe they were making sure I would not touch anything.
We got home just in time to change for the Opera and a light dinner. We were not actually hungry but God forbid we should miss a meal.
We asked at the front desk for a good suggestion for a light meal between us and the Opera. The receptionist suggested Café Mozart; we had been avoiding this place because of the name. It was actually lovely although we were sure we would not eat and pay in time to make the Opera. The locals next to us seemed to be headed to the Opera so we followed their lead and tried to relax. It all worked out fine. I had ice coffee complete with ice cream and a mozzarella salad that lived up to Italian standards.
Then we were off to the Opera. We were seeing or in my case hearing La Traviatta. It was an over the edge modern presentation. We had good seats, they are all good seats. We were almost at the top and it did get hot.
Of course I have a bathroom story. There was a handicapped bathroom but we were never able to get in. So, I got in the line for the woman’s room. I hate these lines. I can’t tell when people move and often no one offers to help. Well this was one of those times and to add to the fun I did not hear English. Finally two women behind me spoke English but they still did not offer to help. I ended up asking them for help and everything was fine. If you ever see a blind person standing alone in a line for anything, don’t be afraid to ask if they want help.
Then it was off to get Champagne. This is a tradition I learned in Russia from my friend Svetlana who died last year. I toast her whenever I have it ant an Opera or symphony. She is being remembered fondly on this trip.
The Opera was alright, I am not a big Opera fan. They were showing it on a big screen outside and I would have rather watched it there. The seats were filled over an hour before the show began. I think this was the first out door showing of the season. I thought they started this later in the summer.
We stopped for a glass of wine and I had a cute little salmon sandwich. We talked to some people visiting from Australia. Then it was back home and our lovely bed.

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