No Nap Zone

No Nap Zone
I have been inspired to write out of order. I promise to bring you up to date in my next entry.
We began to attempt a nap at about 4:00. I will say it was well earned. Well, it seems we have landed our selves in a no nap zone. Salzburg is Austrian for bells. Actually I think it is Austrian for very loud bells. We are not talking nice little mechanical bells that play a melody like something cute sung by Julie Andrews, no way. We are talking about papa bell, brother bell, and some other loud long lost relative trying to out shout one another. There are quieter single bells every fifteen minutes timed just right to keep you awake. Then, when you can almost ignore them, all bell breaks loose. If there were a war I would know it was over. If a new Pope had been crowned you would know it. Honestly, I have done my share of traveling and I have never heard anything like this.
They are going again. I think it is six 15 but I am not sure. They are not quite as bad and a few churches away.
I can’t wait to fill you in on how well we sleep tonight.

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