Saturday, Our Last Full Day of Vacation

Saturday, The Last full Vacation Day

We woke up to fog but still warm weather. I think we were all feeling the pane of the vacation ending. Neal made a pot of coffee and after packing I took my cup on to the deck.
Why don’t I do this more often at home?
It was still pretty dark and very quiet other than the sound of the ocean on the other side of the trees.
We walked our last walk to the lodge and another lovely breakfast. We checked out and walked back to the cottage. We loaded the car and we were off for St. John.

The sun soon broke through the clouds lighting still more breath taking scenery. We had about a 6 hour drive.
We stopped at a cute little place for a late lunch and both Waverly and I had chicken wings. I can’t remember what Neal had.
Our trusty dueling GPSs brought us right to the door of the Home Port Historic B and B. Our last night in this lovely home was a gracious gift from Waverly. The B and B consists of twin captain’s homes joined by an addition containing a lovely kitchen and dining room. Our room was huge with a view of the harbor. Thank you Waverly.
We went to dinner at a Guatemalan restaurant. It was small and homey with two musicians to entertain us.
Next it was back to our lovely room. Neal watched a foot ball game and I had a glass of wine and read myself to sleep.
I have not done much reading on this trip. We have had too much else to do.

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