Lady In Gold

Woman In Gold

Last year when we went to Vienna, I got myself into the Vienna mood by reading a large selection of books both fiction and non fiction. One of my favorites was the Lady In gold by Anne Marie O’Connor.

I was thrilled when I heard that the movie, woman In Gold, based on the book, would be released on April 1st. The timing was perfect because in the beginning of May we are going to New York city and visiting this painting by Klimt is on my must do list.
The movie was somewhat disappointing. All the parts that took place in Germany in the earlier part of last century, had subtitles. This is not a good way for a blind person to see a movie. Since I had read the book and could pull together a very little German, I did not miss a lot. Most of the movie was in current times in the US and in Austria.
I think the people who are not happy with this movie have not read the book. I know that most times the book is better than the movie but in this case you would miss so much if you had not read the book.
Now I have the painting to look forward to. I also wanted to include the Gold Finch in this New York visit but it has flown away.

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