Leaving For Venice

Going to Venice
Well we are off again with still another grandchild. This trip will be to Venice. What will we ever do when we run out of grandchildren? Maybe if we can stay healthy we can travel with great grandchildren.
Tomorrow our trusty house sitter/dog watcher will show up and we will head for the airport bus. We will meet Shayna at the airport and hopefully have time for a nice lunch. Then we board the plane for Philadelphia. If you fly US Air most paths go through either Newark or Philli. Then we will be off to Venice. We have been planning this trip for about a year and Since March I have been reading nothing but books about Venice. There are a lot of them including the wonderful Donna Leon series. Eventually I will post a list of my favorites.
We have rented an apartment for the week that has internet so I am bringing my computer and I will do my best to post daily blog entries.
The suitcases are open on the guestroom bed and the dog is not happy. He loves the guy who stays with him but he would rather we were all here, the more the merrier.
Keep watching for more entries. I might not get to post until Sunday but you will hear from me if possible.

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