Leaving Venice

Leaving Venice

It is now Monday and we have been home since late Saturday night. Yesterday was kind of a fog but today I feel an empty space in my life. I miss Shayna. I miss our apartment. I miss Italian coffee. I miss lovely cheese for breakfast.
For weeks before the trip I had books to read, Italian to study, and endless plans to make.
I struggled with the tread mill this morning and so wanted to trade it in for a morning walk with lots of bridges to climb.
Yesterday the grocery store seemed too loud and the parking lot was overwhelming.
Soon I will be back in the old grind and treasuring every memory.
So, here goes the last entry as we said good bye.
Neal and I got up very early and Neal made coffee and set out the cheeses. We had so much food left, too bad we could not bring it home.
I took my second cup of coffee out to the terrace and watched the sea gulls fight over the trash. Unfortunately some of it was ours. Saturday must be a big eating day for the sea gulls.
Shayna got up and soon we were all ready to leave. We were running right on schedule.
I don’t think any of us said a word as we dragged our bags to the boat for the airport. We were so early we got an earlier boat.
Venice was stunning from the water as we headed for the airport.
The Venice airport experience was fine. Shayna did a little last minute shopping and we were off to the plane.
This was a long hard 9.5 hour flight and the food was not good at all.
We finally made it to Philadelphia and a security night mare. There was too much noise and people were very rude. This was not Italy. After 3 hours we got on our plane and it was delayed. I don’t think the delay was very long but it seemed to take forever.
We arrived in Boston and everything went smoothly. We pass Shayna off to her dad and felt a pane in our heart. We can’t wait to see her again.
Neal and I waited almost an hour for our bus and when we arrived at the station we were not sure where we left our car. It was 4:00 am Venice time and we were exhausted. We found are car and drove home.
Our dog was so happy to see us and we were all happy to see our bed.
I will post a list of books I really like about Venice in case any of you lucky people are headed there or even if you just want to imagine being there.

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