Tuesday in shanghai and Qing dao

We took a short walk before breakfast. The streets seemed a lot less crazy. People were jogging and excersizing where ever they could find a little bit of green space. We passed a man playing Doe Rae Me on a saxaphone. He was not playing very well. We imagined that his wife told him to take that thing outside and play it.


This would be a travel day so we needed to pack. The downside of our amazing room was that it was good at hiding our stuff. We needed to be really careful we checked every nook and cranny.

We took a taxi to the French Consession and walked around a lovely shopping area with cute little restaurants that actually seemed French. Lovely fountains added to the Frenchness of the area.

We returned to the hotel with a little time to spare so we took one last walk on the Bund.

When we returned to pick up our bags we had a snack in the hotel. I ordered a tuna sandwich. I really don’t eat sandwiches any more and I had no idea what I would end up getting. This might have been the best tuna sandwich ever.

Then it was off to the airport. This is a big, loud, crowded airport. Neal did a great job of getting us to the right ticket counter. We expected to pay extra for our heavy checked bag but there was no problem. The agent looked at the scale and said nothing.

We found our gate and realized once we went down the excelator there was no up exulator. We were stuck there. There were only two gates but the loud speaker never stopped talking.

For some reason we were really exhausted.

The plane boarded a half hour late.

We needed to take a bus to stairs, you know the drill.

Our seats were the next to last seats in the plane but wwe were so tired we really did not care.

We were greted when we picked up our very heavy suitcase and wisked off to the new hotel. We are staying in the Se Shore Garden. This is not anything like our room in Shanghai.

We have comdoms for sale in our room.

We have what must be a Chinese style bed that is very very firm.

We were in bed and asleep within five minutes of walking in our room.




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