Mexico Trip part 1

Mexico trip part 1
I usually don’t blog on this vacation. We spend a week at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta on the west coast of Mexico. It is a little piece of heaven every December. I will just tell you once how we spend our day.
First I should tell you a bit about this resort. We take this trip with our daughter and her husband and they are great company. They enjoy eating as much as we do and that is probably the most important part of this trip. The resort has at least a dozen restaurants and several of them five star. We usually end up talking about our next meal before we finish the one we are eating.
This week is also a reading frenzy for me. All year I collect trashy books, mostly mysteries and I indulge for several hours a day.
Here is how a typical day would go:
Neal and I get up around 6:30 am and Neal gets me coffee from the hall way. Yes they have fresh coffee that early and people wander out in their PJs to get some. We sit on the porch and drink the coffee and then take a nice long walk around the area and along the ocean to watch the day come awake.
Then the four of us head to the amazing breakfast buffet, where the guys get a full plate of crispy bacon to eat along with the heaps of food that we serve ourselves. We also have freshly squeezed juice and more coffee.
Then it is back to the room to gather our books, sun screen, and put on our swim suits.
Keep in mind that everything is a good half mile from everything else. There are shuttles but we always walk.
We found the perfect pool, the perfect chairs and the perfect umbrellas on our first day so that cut out on hunting for the perfect spot. Three of us like shade and we have one sun lover.
Then it is time to get down to some serious reading.
At about 11:30 they come around for the drink orders. Neal and I indulged in sparkling water served in a bucket of ice with lots of cut up limes.
Around 2:00 it was time to find lunch, which pool bar would we eat in that day? Life is hard.
Then we would head back to the room to nap and read some more.
At 5:00 we would walk to the cute little French place for coffee.
Then it was home for showers and our 8:00 dinner reservation for another memorable meal.
See why I don’t blog about this?
It would be sad if you had to read this seven times.
Did I mention that our room and porch are always stunning?

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