This morning it was 54 degrees when I got up. Yes, that was the outside temperature. It was probably warmer in my house.
I know this can’t last but I will take all the warm weather that the weather god wants to give to us.
Let me remind you that I live 45 miles north of Boston. Yes, that is Boston Massachusetts.
The December and January Pages are gone from the calendar. We are chomping our way through February. We have gained 70 minutes of daylight.
This morning I did my stint on the tread mill with the glass door wide open.
This could end next week but they can’t take the almost 2 months of mild winter, which we have enjoyed away from us.
As we gain more daylight and the sun changes direction, the snow will melt faster.
Spring is a little more than a month away. We could still pay the piper for this but in my opinion we paid last year.
I know there are those of you who really miss the snow. Honestly I would not mind some but now it can’t take hold and rule our lives.
I don’t mind the cold or even the snow but I hate the ice and we have not had much.
I know I should be worried about global warming but look at the heat and energy we are not using with this weather.
Every cloud has a silver lining.

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