Tuesday Evening and Wednesday in Incline Village

Tuesday evening and Wednesday in Incline Village

Last night we were both exhausted. I think we climbed one too many hills. We stayed in and nibbled a few left overs. Neal watched the baseball game and I lost myself in a Greg Iles mystery.
We got up ready to go this morning.
I forgot to mention a couple of cool things about Virginia City.
We met a couple dressed in period western clothes. They were just tourists but like to dress for the occasion.
We also saw a cute little house in town. In from there was a 1967 mustang that was in great shape and a VW bus on blocks. They were stuck in another time.
Back to this morning.
We walked to breakfast. As we got close to our usual place we remembered that it was closed on Wednesday. We turned back and went to the sports bar. Yes, really, a sports bar for breakfast. They had all the televisions on mute and the radio playing.
I had a breakfast burrito that I could only eat half of. It was so full of vegies it must have weighed two pound.
All three mornings that we walked to breakfast I had a bird encounter. I am not a big fan of things flying at my head. This seemingly innocent little black bird either does or does not like me. Maybe he wants my hair for his nest. He has dive bombed me every morning. Today he almost landed and squacked at me. He kept flying around us in a big circle.
Later in the morning we drove to sand Harbor. This is a state park with trails and a large beach. We walked two trails and then sat in the restaurant and had a cold drink. The trails were along the beach but they were on board walks so there was no nasty sand. The lake was deep blue.
Then we went to the visitor center to make a plan for tomorrow.
Neal is still napping and we are walking to dinner when he wakes up.
Tomorrow will be our last day. Where did the time go?

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