Our Last Night in Nevada

Last Night in Nevada and Our Trip Home

Sorry I kind of left things hanging.
I wonder why I have such a hard time writing about the last day of a trip.
Thursday night we got our packing done and even though we were not all that hungry we decided to take our last walk into town and give ourselves one more climb up the big hill.
We ate at the Bar-b-que place we ate the first night. I wanted one more chance at the good beer and the food was pretty good. Also Neal could watch sports on TV. I can’t remember if it was Hockey or Basket Ball. Both play offs had been going on.
We were up early the next morning but not so unusually early for us.
Soon our bags were in the car and it was time to say good bye to our Incline Village home. No more sleeping bed and napping beds for us. It was time to get the airplane.
The ride to the airport was a piece of cake. One more time over the Rose Pass.
Our first flight to LA was delayed and we were moved to a flight to change in Chicago. We would get home an hour later. This seemed fine to us.
When we landed in Boston we took a shuttle to the Hilton and picked up our car.
We were home by midnight but the next day was Saturday so that would be fine.
We returned to weather that was almost as nice as what we left in Nevada.

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