Thursday in chicago

Thursday in Chicago

We left the hotel pretty early and started a long day of fun and walking. We came very close to making it a 30 mile day. Neal kept up even with his bad knee.
We headed for Navy Pier and explored. We went into a cool display like a cave that was fun to feel. We had free coffee at McDonalds because it was national coffee day. There was supposed to be a light show but they lied or maybe don’t do it in the morning.
Then we took a taxi to Wrigley field and I bought a cool t Shirt. We took the tour of the park and I loved it. This park was a part of my childhood when I went to ball games with my grandfather.
Then we Ubered back to our hotel and walked to Target to look for slacks for Neal but we failed in our mission.
Next was a small lunch at the Goat Tavern.
Then back to Navy Pier to get pizza.
After our rest we walked to the place to get the architecture boat tour. I have done this several times but I love it especially at night.
Next we went to the top of the Hyatt for a drink and snack.
Our server was the first grumpy person we have met.
One last walk home.
Finally we fell into bed.

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