Last Full Day in New Orleans

Last Full Day in New Orleans

Actually this was our only full day in New Orleans.
We were up early to head to Café Du Monde for beignet and that amazing New Orleans coffee.
At least we walked and it was quite a walk considering we walked both ways.
We held ourselves to two orders each containing 3 of the sinful delights.
Of course there was live music to help wash things down.
Then we just kept walking. We took a fairy across to another little town but it was pretty disappointing. The high point was the fairy.
We headed back to the other side of the river and had bloody Maries. I had 8 olives in mine thanks to Mike.
Then it was off to Mother’s for poor boys.
My goodness we were little piggies.
Then of course it was time for a nap.
I want to make sure you understand that there was lots of walking between eating.
After our rest we headed to a park to listen to live swing music. Then more walking interrupted by Molly’s frozen Irish coffee and a little TV Football for Neal.
He picked up quite a bit of the Patriot game as we wandered from place to place.
Next it was Bourbon Street and Margaritas and more music.
We walked around there for a while and headed for the famous Carousel Bar but since there were no seats on the carousel we did not drink there.
We went to another place on Bourbon Street and sat outside and I don’t remember the name of what I drank.
Then we walked through the casino and headed past our hotel to the Warehouse District for Kaisian food and more music and another drink.
It was after 10:00 and we were exhausted so we walked back to our hotel.
It was a perfect day in New Orleans.

I might as well finish off with the last few hours on Monday. Of course we walked back for more beignets and coffee.
Then we walked for another hour or so and headed back to pack.
The trip home was uneventful. We changed planes in Philadelphia and for some reason that is always a challenge.
We walked right out of the airport in Boston and caught our bus back home and it felt good to see our little dog and Cory left our house nice and clean.
It always feels good to sleep in our own bed.

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