Keep Reading February 2018

Keep Reading February 2018
We are getting close to the end of winter. Time to start thinking about vacation books. Here are a few suggestions.
My favorite book for this month is far too short. It is a first novel so maybe there will be a follow up book.
The Keeper of Lost Things will be over far too quickly. Ruth Hogan has developed some very lovable characters that I want more of. This could make a great TV series. You won’t be able to put it down and you will feel good about the time you spent reading it.

If you are looking for a nice thick biography packed full of things you didn’t know try reading Grant by Ron Chernow. I have read a lot about the Civil War but not so much about the decades to follow. This is a long book but very worth reading.

My older book choice for this month is The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Wallace Stegner.
He wrote this book in 1938. I really love his writing. You will hold
on tight while this family struggles to make their way when times are tough for everyone. The father is always going to strike it rich on his next big idea. He is not afraid to break a few laws along the way. It is a kind of cross between Grapes of Wrath and the Tina Turner song What’s Love Got To Do With It.

Another page turner is Confusion of Languages by Siobhan Fallon. Two wives of husbands who are in the Foreign Service stationed in Jordan become friends. One of the women is supposed to help the other adjust to living in this different culture. The trainee is young and sure she really know how to act and treat people and does not need advice. She disappears and her mentor reads the missing woman’s journals while sitting with her baby. This is a great but heart wrenching story.

If you like The Woman in Cabin 10, you will love the Lying Game. Ruth Ware really knows how to tell a story. I like this book better than the last one. It is just a little creepy and has a few surprises. Keep a look out for product placements.

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