Keep Reading April 2018

Keep Reading April 2018

I am posting a little early this month because I will be away at the start of May.
My number one book for this month is, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby by CheriseWolas.
This is her first novel and I look forward to what she does next.
Joan has written two very successful novels and then marries. Her husband agrees that they will have no children and her writing will come first. Well, things don’t quite work out that way and she faces many obstacles before she publishes again. There are lots of stories and parts of stories within this novel.

My next choice is, Everything Here Is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee.
Miranda is Lucia’s older sister. When their mother dies Miranda tries to protect her younger sister. Lucia hears voices and believes what they tell her to do. Lucia Moves from husband to lover and New York to Ecuador. The characters in this book are amazing and so is the writing. I am partial to things about Ecuador so this book really grabbed me.

Impact by Douglas J. Preston ranks number three.
I have been reading many books about Florence to prepare for my trip. This author wrote a book called the Monster of Florence. It was pretty good so I searched for other books he wrote. Impact takes place mostly in Maine. Before too many pages you are hanging on for what looks like a rough ride. There is a touch of science fiction in this book. I don’t like science fiction but I was already hooked.

Here is one that seems to be hard to find but those of you who use NLS are blessed with an extensive collection of books by Henning Mankell. Kennedy’s Brain is a free standing novel and not part of the detective series. Mankell uses his knowledge of Africa to spice up this book. I would love to talk to someone about the ending.

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