Sunday In Florence

Sunday in Florence

We were a bit slow getting started. We had tea and coffee and decided to wander and find some food.
We are really right in the middle of historic Florence just near the Duomo. We found a little place and had a simple but overpriced breakfast. We have discovered a trend. We ask for tap water and get charged for bottled water although the night before they gave us bottled water instead of tap water. We need to pay closer attention.
Next we started wandering. We went to the big market but the food part was closed other than the restaurant area. Peggy started bargaining. We were not successful making any purchases.
We went home and then walked down our street to have a lovely lunch. Our street is one restaurant after another. I had a great bowl of soup. They make soups thicker than I do. The soups all seem to be thickened with stale bread and are quite hardy. Once again Peggy picked the best meal.
Next we hunted out the grocery store. Peggy is great at making notes while in the apartment and guiding us to where we want to go. However we always seem to end up going the longest way and finding a shorter way home. We did find a cute little grocery store and made some needed and unneeded purchases. It was getting hot and we were all glad to find a shorter way home.
Again it was nap time and then drink time on the glorious porch. Have I mentioned the endless church bells? There are probably five or six different ones we are hearing and they all have a slightly different sound. They are a tiny bit closer than we might like at six in the morning.
We spent time earlier when we were home, finding a place to eat dinner. We wanted the famous Florentine steak. We could find no openings. We did find a place that did not take reservations. It seemed that you had to get there when it opened and hope you could get a table. We had some trouble finding it but eventually we recognized it by the line outside the door. It did not look good for us at all. However, we had white cane magic and were whisked right in when they opened. Our dinner was pretty spectacular. I have never seen such a thick steak. We found the usual shorter way home and stopped for Gelato. We were glad our building has an elevator when we got home.

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