June 17 Lisbon

June 17 Lisbon


We got a bit of a slow start.  We ate breakfast at home.  We had bought some pastries and bread the night before.

We walked down to one of the big squares and found a yellow tour trolley service that did a hop on hop off city tour with a stop at St George’s castle at the top of the hill nearest us.  We bought tickets and got on the trolley that was sitting right there.  The castle was the third or fourth stop.  The tour was given through headphones.  We could pick English from several languages.

The castle is huge.  It is pretty much just a big pile of rocks roughly shaped like a castle.  It has been there for hundreds of years.  I believe the moors built it and eventually it was taken over by the locals.  Is is really a military fortress.

We had a little wine tasting from a place called Wine with a View.  We had some port.  The view from up there was pretty spectacular.  Neal and Ryan went up more steps to get a better view and I waited on a nice bench.

We left the castle hunting for our way back to the trolley stop.  We were hungry and asked someone where there was a good place to eat.  We saw some places right outside the castle but they look pretty touristy.  In fact there was a Ben and Jerries’’.  They had other food besides ice cream but that just did not work for us.

The place we ate had 4 tables.  We had amazing food.  I had monk fish with a sauce made from butter, milk, almonds and coriander.  It came with mixed vegetables and salad.  I just can’t get over how good the food is here.

Then we found our trolley and toured around the rest of the city.  It was pretty late when we got home.

Of course we took a nap and at about 8:00 we headed out to find dinner.  We found the wonderful food market that we found the night before and ate tasty pork with fries and salad. It was a hopping place with drinking games going on.  We found an almost quiet table and shared it with a couple from Nepal.  The guy was a pretty successful business man and enjoyed giving Ryan advice for life.  It was pretty fun for all of us.

When we left, I wanted ice cream.  On our way home we found a shop and I had strawberries, ice-cream and port reduction sauce.

Just before our apartment Ryan saw a sign for milk shakes and got one.  It was pretty disappointing.

We were in bed just after midnight.


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