June 19 Lisbon

June 19 Lisbon


It is time to leave for dinner but Neal and Ryan are busy looking at big military ships outside our window.

We left at about 10:00 this morning.  We actually took an Uber to Belem.

We started with the museum and an archeology exhibit with lots of great things to touch.

This is a good place to talk about getting in museums and castles for people who have a disability.  I have been getting in for half price and Neal has been free because he is my guide.  The student discount seems to end at 17 so it is full price for Ryan.  However a couple of times two or all of us got in free.  I have had to show something that says I am blind.  My Mass blindness certificate has worked fine.

We went through the rest of the museum.  It was not as tactile.

Next we went to the jeronimo Monastery.  This was huge and very open to the outside.  This led us into the church.  Of course the church was over the top amazing.  The ceilings were probably 100 feet high.  There was gold and carving everywhere.  Of course the ever present ornate tiles.  I keep thinking of where I could use these in the house.


Next, of course, came lunch.  We ate in the museum cafeteria.  Although it was a bit more expensive, the food was very good.

Next we headed to the Belem tower.  This very old structure protects the mouth of the river.  It is only attached to the shore with a draw bridge.  There is a tall tower.  I sat on a step and waited for Neal and Ryan to do the tower.  Neal went half way up and then joined me on my step.  Ryan ran the rest and returned pretty tired.

We took a taxi back home.

After a nap we headed out for dinner.  Finding places is always a challenge.  We had made reservations at a restaurant with Fado.  When we found it they said we had no reservation and they were full with two large parties.  Finally they said they made a mistake we got reservations for Thursday night and headed off to find a place to eat.  Everything was pretty crowded.  We found a place with an English menu and we usually avoid those restaurants.  The chef was fixing a flaming dessert as we walked in and we were hooked.  I think there were six tables and only two people working there.  Once again our food was great.  Neal had a steak cooked at the table.  Ryan also had a steak.  I had a cod dish that was like mac and cheese for grownups.  It was shredded cod with risoto and cheese with wonderful seasoning.  Neal and I shared a lovely bottle of red wine.

Then it was a walk home through streets full of music and people.  This city parties all the time.

I am sure it was midnight when my head hit the pillow.


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