Charleston November 29, 2019

November 30 Charleston

Our flight went very smoothly.  We were worried about dealing with the suitcase with Neal’s back but all went well.  We flew Jet Blue and everyone was great.

Our hotel in Charleston was the original Citadel.  The building was full of interesting details.  They had tried to cover some of them but you could still see cool details.  Pretty cool for a Hilton.

Our first meal was without Mike. We ate at Jestine’s Kitchen.  We did bring fried chicken back for mike.  My two fried chicken experts said it was the best they ever had.  I felt the same way about the pecan pie.

Mike arrived and we went to happy hour in the hotel.  Never let it be said that we passed up a free drink.

It was time to eat again.  We went to Virginia’s on King Street.  I was not hungry at all but I still had she crab Bisk.  It was good and now it is off the list.  I had shrimp and grits but could only eat half.

Then we had a night cap at a famous bar called husk.  So much food so little time.  We walked around the city and did a lot of window shopping.

Seeing the Mother Emanuel Church, where the man who was invited to pray with the congregation shot so many people, really left a mark on my heart.  I guess I never understood that the church was right in the middle of Charleston.  When the hotel staff said stay safe, they really meant it.


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