Sites Unseen

Sites Unseen

Recently a friend sent me the following link:

This is a really good collection of feelings about traveling as a blind person. If you followed my earlier blog at called Gayle Unplugged and you are now following my new blog, you know how much I love travel.

I have been blessed with the gift of travel in both my personal and professional life. Frankly the best trips have been a mix of both. Traveling for work or volunteering gets you right into the mix of real life.

The best preparation for travel is reading. I read everything I can find and not just travel books. In fact I kind of stay away from them. I would rather read history and biographies and novels by the best known local authors. After the 5th or 6th book the pieces start to fall together. I really agree with the person in the magazine article I linked to who says if you learn a lot about where you are going you have interesting things to share with your sighted travel companions.

I like to travel with someone because then I have someone to talk to about the trip. It is those common memories that weave friendships that last over the years.

Also, the very best thing to bring home from a trip is a friendship. Having made a real connection with a local person is the best gift you can give yourself.
On the same note, be willing to get to know someone who is visiting where you live.

Traveling and knowing people around the world will help all of us understand that all people have the same common needs and desires. Everyone wants to keep their family safe and secure. Everyone cares about where they live and what makes their home special.

Reach out and stay connected where ever you can.

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