Leave A Lasting Impression

Leave a Lasting Impression
Throughout my career, there has been a common thread. I have always had braille business cards. When you hand someone a business card that contains braille, they always stop and take a second look. That card is not as likely to end up in the trash. People like keeping the braille to look at again and again. They often show it to their friends.

A braille business card also reminds people how important braille really is. As a blind person I really appreciate a business card I can actually file away and use later.

For my first product review on my new site I have decided to review Access USA. The people are friendly. Service is perfect. Prices are the lowest. Most important, the braille is perfect.

Since you can’t put as much braille as print on a card, it is important to have someone help you figure out what braille you really need. They will come up with suggestions that make you wonder why you did not think of them yourself.

This is why you go to a professional and they have been doing this for many years.

For 65 dollars, you can have as many cards printed as you need. Just have your cards printed and send them off. In a couple of weeks you will have your wonderful, unforgettable braille cards.

Phone: 1 – 800 – 263 – 2750
Fax: 1 – 800 – 563 – 1687

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