Apple TV

Apple TV

Not being able to access TV cable menus has been making me crazy for years. Now, although it is not actual TV, there is a solution. Not only can the menus be accessed through speech but you could save a bundle on your cable bill.

Recently we purchased Apple TV for about $100. We set it up in our cottage and at home. Things are not as perfect at home because there are too many variables. I will figure out how to use it eventually. Between a Flat screen TV that I can’t tell is on and a cable box with the same issues, keeping sequences of key presses in line is tough. To add to the confusion, if the cable box records something it leaves the switches different than if nothing was recorded.

Now, in our cottage, we do not have cable. We have Internet and one of those flat screen monitors that can act as a TV. This monitor cost about $300. I have no trouble running this set up.

The Apple TV

Consists of a small box that is connected to the internet and then to the TV. It comes with a small remote control. The buttons are easy to remember but there is room for braille labels.

When you begin installation, the system speaks. Be sure to be paying attention. Now you can proceed with the installation with the speech on.

All the menus will talk, even the long list of radio stations you can access. You can also access:
Content from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus,YouTube and your favorite sports leagues.

Try this system for a while and see if you don’t find enough to watch without the nasty cable. You might want to keep basic cable and just drop the rest.

Warning, I have so much fun wandering through all my choices I can’t make up my mind what to watch.

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