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Keep Reading
Here are a couple of reading suggestions. These books are both a bit obscure. I am not sure how I select my books. It is kind of a journey with twists and turns I can’t explain. I am drawn to historic fiction. If I read about certain periods or people in history through historic fiction, I tend to remember the order in which they happen. If I read several books about the Civil War, for example, and I mx fiction and non fiction, things start to fall into place. I find that many historic fiction writers really do a lot of research and are pretty clear about what parts of the book are fiction.

Here is one of my favorite books of all time. THE HISTORY OF ROME HANKS AND KINDRED MATTERS. In the past two years, I have read this book 4 times. I know I will read it again. I think the writing is amazing. I can’t read anything about civil war battles without comparing the writing to this book. I will admit I needed to read it twice to get the characters clear but it was worth it. This book is like a treasure hunt and I find new treasures every time I read it.

Someone, anyone, please read this book. I need to have someone to talk to about all my friends in these pages. Please contact me if you read it. The author is Joseph Stanley Pennell. This is pretty much all he wrote and devoted years to writing it. It was a best seller in 1944.
My next suggestion is a book I just finished.
THE ROGUE MALE is written by Geoffrey Household. The story is narrated by the person going through the ordeal. It is a complete page turner and very well written. Published in 1939 this timeless story of being hunted grabs you from the first page. I never heard of the book or the writer.

Both these books can be downloaded from the BARD web site.

Happy reading

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