Ibill for a wider audience

Ibill for a wider audience

Although in July, I posted about this product in a post titled Found Money, there is good reason for me to repost about this device.

A new version of the Ibill has just been introduced. The product we know and love has new features that make it easier to use for people who are older or who are deaf blind.

It is now easier to slide money into the identification slot. An L shaped opening makes it much easier to line up the bill. A head phone jack allows someone to use the device at any volume in total privacy. Speaking of volume, the highest volume setting is significantly louder than the highest setting on the previous model.

The buttons are now recessed so the unit won’t start talking in your purse or pocket.

A carrying case is now available. This leather case can be hooked on to your belt or the strap of your purse or back pack.
Free cases are available for a limited time.
To learn more about the new Ibill, visit

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