NFB News Line

NFB News line

The NFB News Line is a free service available to people who are registered with their talking book library in states that support the News Line program. This is a free service that provides access to over 300 publications including TV listings. Although using this service through a land line is pretty impressive, The IPhone ap takes it to an entirely new level.
The News Line is provided through the NFB along with your talking book library. All states are not taking part in this program so start by contacting your local talking book library and asking if your state receives News Line. If it is available, you can sign up at no cost and get your user number and pass code. Once you enter this on your phone you will never have to do it again.

The amazing thing about using the IPhone ap is that you will have News Line where ever you are.
I really like the TV listings because the information about a program includes telling me if the show is audio described.

You can download the News Line program from the Apple Ap Store.

To learn more about News Line, call: 1-866-504-7300

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